Speakers of Poultry Pathshala

Mr. Mari van Gruijthuijsen (Netherlands, 57) current position is director of sales and marketing at Salmet GmbH & Co. KG from Germany. He has 25+ years of experience in equipping poultry farms across the entire world and in all kinds of climate and environmental conditions with professional housing systems for layers, pullets, broilers and breeders, as well as manure treatment. On top of that a lot of experience in adapting systems to changes in local regulation (consumer demand, welfare, environmental).

Contact details:
Mobile: +31 642733323
E-mail: mari.van.gruijthuijsen@salmet.de

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Day 1
[Feb. 27, 2020 |15 Falgun 2076, THURSDAY]

Dr. Douglas Grieve is the director of the global technical service department at Hy-Line International. Dr. Grieve is responsible for coordination and allocation of technical services to customers worldwide. He has worked in more than 75 countries providing
support, technical advice, and conducting seminars for Hy-Line distributors and customers. He has been with Hy-Line since 1994. During this time, Dr. Grieve has also served as a technical service veterinarian and President of Hy-Line International.

Academic and Professional qualifications: B.S. degree in Animal Science, Masters degree in Animal Nutrition and D.V.M. from Michigan State University. Dr. Grieve is a member of the American College of Poultry Veterinarians.

Current position: Global Technical Services Director, Hy-Line International
Email: dgrieve@hyline.com
Website: www.hyline.com

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

Commercial Layer Management for Extended Production Cycles
Day 1 [Feb. 27, 2020 |15 Falgun 2076, THURSDAY]

Review of Important Diseases in Commercial Layers
Day 2 [Feb. 28, 2020 |16 Falgun 2076, FRIDAY]

Dr. Loh Chee Soon is a native of Malaysia and has lived in the country with his wife and two sons. He obtained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2003.

Joined Cobb-Vantress on 1st February 2019. Prior to joining Cobb, he has a 15-year work experience in a breeder company in Malaysia, providing him vast opportunities to widen his knowledge and enhance his expertise in sales and technical services.

He took on various roles at Charoen Pokphand Group Malaysia: technical sales executive from 2003-2007; assistant technical sales manager from 2007-2011; technical sales manager from 2011-2015; and then as deputy general manager from 2015-2018.

As deputy general manager, he was responsible for overall domestic and export sales of two million parent stock a year and he also provided technical support to domestic parent stock customers.

Academic and Professional qualifications: DVM

Current position: Key Accounts Technical Manager, Cobb Asia-Pacific
Email: cheesoon.loh@cobb-vantress.com
Website: www.cobb-vantress.com

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

Key points in rearing for optimum breeder performance
Day 4 [Mar. 01 |18 Falgun 2076, SUNDAY

Dr. Sabiha Kadari, with 13 yrs of experience in the poultry industry has thorough knowledge on nutritional management. She completed her PhD from IVRI, Bareilly on organic acid usage on broiler performance and challenges in broilers. Her masters was in probiotic application. Before joining Trouw Nutrition, she had worked for 4 years in Avitech and 6.5 years in Provimi. She has worked extensively on a wide range of projects developing good knowledge on providing inputs on Gut Health management through Feed Additives and Nutritional Management. She also has experience in providing nutritional advice on feed cost management, raw material quality, feed additives management, and in conducting feed mill and farm audits. Additionally, she had also worked on enzymes and hence has knowledge on enzyme application as well.

Academic and Professional qualifications: PhD in Animal Nutrition

Current position: Technical Manager at Trouw Nutrition India Pvt. Ltd.
Email: sabiha.kadari@trouwnutrition.com
Website: www.trouwnutrition.in

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

How to achieve high and safeguard quality production?
Day 1 [Feb. 27 | 15 Falgun 2076, THU.]

Dr. Khurram Shafi, is a practical poultry specialist and technical service expert from Pakistan. He has 30 years of experience in the poultry industry with versatility of handling high from GP to commercial flocks.

Academic and Professional qualifications: DVM from College of Vet. Services, Lahore

Current position: Poultry Technical Manager, Zoetis
Email: khurram.khan@zoetis.com
Website: www.zoetis.com

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

Vaccination as tool to prevent infectious poultry diseases.
Day 2 [Feb. 28 | 16 Falgun 2076, FRI.]

Breeder flock and hatchery vaccination to safeguard progeny.
Day 4 [Mar. 01 | 18 Falgun 2076, SUN.]

Dr. Damodar Pattath, is a PG in Vet. Pathology alumnus from Madras Veterinary College having Field Experience of 28 years. He is a man as complete sustainable solution provider on poultry husbandry & health issues with professional role of Veterinarian, marketer, and technocrat gaining cross functional managerial experience. He is also a certified HACCP, ICRA FSSC 22000 lead auditor.

Academic and Professional qualifications: Post-Graduate in Vet. Pathology

Current position: Senior Manager- Customer Services, MSD-AH
Email: damodar.pattath@merck.com
Website: www.merck.com

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Vaccine stewardship: aspects of poultry vaccination and effects of immunosuppression
Day 2 [Feb. 28 | 16 Falgun 2076, FRI.]

Dr. Pawan Kumar, is engaged in professional veterinary field for 19 years holding positions in the Government as Animal Husbandry Officer and key Private companies; V H Group and Japfa as Manager for sales, Operations and integration in East India. He is associated with USSEC since 2008 and now a days he is working on a mission called “Protein for All” to educate common man on importance of protein in human diet, and  to make sure everyone consume optimum amount of protein in order to achieve sound health and pleasant life.

Academic and Professional qualifications: Veterinarian with Master-Degree in Poultry Science.

Current position: USSEC’s (U.S. Soybean Export Council) Animal feed/Soy meal Manager and in-charge of Soy Market development for poultry and Livestock in North and East India and Nepal.

E-mail: PKumar@ct.ussec.org | https://ussec.org

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

Day 1 [Feb. 27, 2020| 15 Falgun 2076, Thursday]

Short Notes Message on “PROTEIN FOR ALL”
Day 1 – 4 [Feb. 27-29 & Mar. 01, 2020| 15-18 Falgun 2076]

Dr. Sujit Menon is techno-commercial personality contributing his mite to the poultry industry across sectors from commercial rearing to breeder and genetics management. He has functioned across geographies, contributing to the expansion of the industry. Starting a career in India, and then taking up responsibilities with the IFC funded projects in Africa, specialization in North America he is presently holding a brief in incubation management across countries in Asia for Petersime. He is a frequent participant to advancement of the subject with students at universities, hatcheries and research institutions.

Academic and Professional qualifications: A poultry veterinarian (PhD) with a business degree.

Current position: Veterinarian with Master-Degree in Poultry Science.

E-mail: sujit.menon@petersime.com | www.petersime.com

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

Day 4 [Mar. 1, 2020| 18 Falgun 2076, Sunday]

Dr. Vishwas Sagajkar has working experience in Poultry Industry for last 25 years in various areas of poultry production, technical services to farms & hatcheries, animal health products development and marketing. He has also good experience as technical trainer for Poultry Biosecurity for compartmentalization of poultry facilities, specially farm and hatchery.

Academic and Professional qualifications: B.V.Sc. & A.H and MBA in Marketing Management

Current position: Deputy General Manager (Marketing), VH Group, Pune, India

E-mail: vsagajkar@gmail.com | www.venkys.com

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Day 2 [Feb. 28, 2020| 16 Falgun 2076, Friday]

Dr. Kapil Manwalis currently working as country Manager in Lallemand from Canada. He has got more than 26 years’ experience in poultry industry as Nutritionist feed mill operations and in breeding activities. He had been actively involved in south Asian industry and had been closely associated with the development of poultry industry in the south Asia. He had worked closely with all the big companies from South Asian region. He had developed many GP farms and feed Mills in the region, and he had vast experience in practical Broiler Breeding and feed milling.

Current position: Country Manager, South Asia Lallemand Inc.

E-mail: kmanwal@lallemand.com | www.lallemand.com

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

Day 1 [Feb. 27, 2020| 15 Falgun 2076, Thursday]

Day 4 [Mar. 01, 2020| 18 Falgun 2076, Sunday]

Er. Stéphane Hémon is involved in poultry production for more than 30 years. He is son of a poultry producer; he was since his earlier age in the poultry business. In the nineties, he oversaw production of game birds in the Middle East especially involved in Incubation of endangered species. He spent more than 15 years abroad, working on incubation research in different Breeding Research Center. Saudi Arabia, Morocco and United Arab Emirates and finally went back to France to work as an incubation Specialist for HUBBARD few years and finally for NOVOGEN genetic company. Involved in many publications on management of poultry and game birds in Arab Countries.

Academic and Professional qualifications: Bachelor’s degrees in Agriculture Engineering, Specialization in Poultry Production in France. Poultry training Teacher at the National French Poultry School Ploufragan.

Current position: NOVOGEN Asia Sales Manager/ Incubation Specialist

E-mail: stephane.hemon@novogen-layers.com

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

Day 4 [Mar. 01, 2020| 18 Falgun 2076, Sunday]

Dr. Sunil Sudhakar Nadgauda is Poultry Nutritionist with 22 years of experience flawless preparation of feed formulations for commercial Broilers, Layers & Breeders. He is also experienced in designing vaccination, medication schedule for commercial broilers, layers and breeders. He is currently working as Techno-commercial support to the Marketing team.

Academic and Professional qualifications: M.V.Sc. (Poultry Science)

Current position: DGM (Nutrition) at Venkys India Limited

E-mail: sunil.nadgauda@venkys.com | www.venkys.com

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

Day 1 [Feb. 27, 2020| 15 Falgun 2076, Thursday]

Mr. Ong Cheng Beng is currently positioned as Technical Head of AGCO GSI Malaysia is sixty-five years old and is a citizen of Malaysia. He has been serving the livestock industry for more than twenty-five years. With AGCO GSI, he has been serving the equipment industry for 25 years.  He is a well-known and a trusted professional for Automated, Environment Control Housing system for Poultry and Swine. He has a huge experience in designing houses and ventilation for all types of Chickens and Swine.

Contact details: Cell No. +60124819379

Current position: Technical Head, AGCO GSI, Malaysia

E-mail: ongbeng@gsiasia.com.my | www.gsiasia.net

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

Day 4 [Mar. 01, 2020| 18 Falgun 2076, Sunday]

Dr. Ravi Kumar is associated with Poultry Industry since last almost 25 years. He started his career with live poultry production and has been working on Poultry Vaccine all the time.

Academic and Professional qualifications: Veterinarian with Master-Degree in Veterinary Microbiology.

Current position: Poultry Business Unit Head in Boehringer Ingelheim India Pvt. Ltd.

E-mail: ravi.kumar@boehringer-ingelheim.com

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

Day 2 [Feb. 28, 2020| 16 Falgun 2076, Friday]

Dr. Prakash Baira Reddyhas 18 years of experience in Vaccine Research Institutes and Biological Industry.  He has focused his knowledge on control of emerging, re-emerging and exotic diseases of poultry in India, with a practical approach of “Lab-to-Land” programmes.

Academic and Professional qualifications: PhD in Veterinary Microbiology

Current position: DGM-Technical, Venkys India Limited

E-mail: prakash.reddy@venkys.com | www.venkys.com

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

Day 2 [Feb. 28, 2020| 16 Falgun 2076, Friday]

Dr. Ashish Sachdevahas an experience of over 12 years in animal health and nutrition industry with broad base expertise in technical services, marketing, strategic and business development. He has worked with global organizations like Virbac Animal Health, Avitech Nutrition & Ayurvet Limited at different positions. Dr. Ashish has worked extensively towards awareness generation of anti-microbial resistance at various platforms and is working towards mitigating the risk of AMR through comprehensive solutions and innovative approaches in animal health and nutrition sector. Currently he is heading techno-marketing department of EW Nutrition South Asia based at Noida, India.

Academic and Professional qualifications: B.V.Sc & A.H, M.V.Sc (Veterinary Bacteriology)

Current position: Senior Manager (Techno-Marketing), EW Nutrition India Pvt. Ltd.

E-mail: ashish.sachdeva@ew-nutrition.com |  www.ew-nutrition.com

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

Day 2 [Feb. 28, 2020| 16 Falgun 2076, Friday]

Michael E. Constante has experience to work with the largest poultry integrator in the Philippines, San Miguel Foods, Inc. from 2004-2015. He also worked as Epidemiologist in Philippines and currently working as the Technical Services Manager in Asia for LIVISTO.

Academic and Professional qualifications: D.V.M. from University of the Philippines

Current position: Technical Services Manager in Asia for LIVISTO

E-mail: michael.constante@invesa.eu | www.livisto.global/en/livisto

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

Day 1 [Feb. 27, 2020| 15 Falgun 2076, Thursday]

LUDIO GOMES has 20 years of experience as veterinarian in the poultry health and production industry – including PS, broilers and hatchery – at BRF and JBS, Brazil. For the last decade worked as Poultry Technical Manager for several Animal Health companies in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Academic and Professional qualifications: DVM; Post-Graduation in Poultry Health.

Current position: Technical Manager for Vaxxinova Asia Pacific

E-mail: Ludio.gomes@vaxxinova.com | www.vaxxinova.com

Title and Schedule of Presentation:

Day 2 [Feb. 28, 2020| 16 Falgun 2076, Friday]