Nepal Poultry International Expo 2020

About Nepal Poultry 2020

The growth rate of Nepal’s Poultry production of commercial sector is 17-18 percent annually. Its contribution to overall GDP is 4 percent and is further encouraging and increasing. Moreover it has created multiplier effect to other industries.
Additionally it is emerging as a strong industry, directly employing and engaging 70, 000 people. The Poultry industry for the country seen mounting with Increasing:-
-Trend in production and productivity
-Increasing tendency of consumer favouring white meat
-Popularity of poultry meat without regard to caste/creed/age
-Being one of the cheapest source of animal protein
-Availability of broiler meat and eggs in all urban centers and even in small market areas,
-Quarantine act, meat act for quality control Organised private sector and good coordination between
government stakeholders in opening slaughterhouse in near future, rapid financial turnover.
-Increasing inflow of tourists, rapid urbanization,
-Changing food habits of urban inhabitants,
-Availability of comparatively cheaper labor.


Media Space Solutions Pvt.Ltd., Nepal and Futurex Trade Fair and Events, India and are continuing our preparations for the above mentioned show with our full determination and speed. The exhibition will be the biggest and most modern fair concentrated on Dairy, Poultry, Livestock, Farm Equipment & Technologies, the need of the hour for Nepal.

We request you to be a part of Nepal Poultry and Livestock Expo 2018 to experience the most ambitious exhibition and summit of the sector.



DATA of 2071/2072 (2015)

  • 4% of national GDP.
  • Out of 75 Districts, commercial farming is done in 64 districts.
  • There are 21,956 farms in these 64 districts of which 20,483 (93.29%) is broiler farm, 1337 (6.09%) layers farm, 128 (0.58%) hatchery and 8 (0.04%) giriraj/koiler farm.
  • Total bird is 6,08,26,880. Of which 5,26,66,029 broiler. 69,08,595 layers, 12,52,255 other breed.
  •   Egg production is estimated 1,20,21,66,000
  • Commercial farming, meat egg and chick sales is accounted to have transaction of 33,72,40,23,000.
    • Meat purpose – 20,07,14,39,054
    • Egg – 9,13,37,36,000,
    • Chicks- 3,60,76,74,000,
    • Manure – 45,37,22,000
  •  In 128 hatcheries , 11,22,90,000 were kept in incubator of which 8,33,61,000 were produced. Out of which 79,52,000 chicks were rejected. total distributed were 7,54,06,000.
  • Hatchability  74.2%
  • Mortality ( Broiler- 12.8%, layers 9.2%, Parents 7.0%)
  •  Major Production chicken (Chitwan – 10%, Kavrepalanchowk – 8%, Dhading-6%, Kathmandu – 5%, Kaski- 4%)
  •  Major Production Egg (Chitwan -68%, Makwanpur – 5%, Nawalparasi-4%, Dang – 4%, Bhaktaur – 3%)
  • Recurrent Expenditure – NPR 27,85,44,76,000
  • Capital Expenditures – NPR 3,14,92,74,815


With all that further, there is a pressing need for the beneath requirements in poultry sector. This void has seeded in an essential of having a platform where the poultry stake holders will have a perfect meeting on sharing the knowledge and bringing in best technologies & services from feed to food for the poultry industry. NEPAL POULTRY & LIVESTOCK INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION will be an ideal platform to fill in the void & only place which will answer and nourish the industry with all its needs and concerns.

February 2017 witnessed the beginning of the 1st ever exhibition on Poultry & livestock in Nepal along with Nepal 1st Agritech International Exhibition 2017 . The exhibition was a testing ground to analyze the actual demand & scope of poultry ,and at the same time industry reaction towards the focused trade show of poultry industry. The 2nd edition is an outcome of phenomenal response obtained from the Booth Occupants & the trade visitors. The huge scope of expansion of industry, the growing demand and lack of knowledge and resources are the other factors which gave birth to platform which will be instrument to pool of opportunities for the product & service providers to fill in the void in Nepal poultry segment. Moreover along with the exhibition will be a focused conference on Poultry which will bring forward the concern of poultry. The 1st conference on poultry health & hygiene attracted 300 industry aficionados across the country. We expect the 2nd conference to magnetize around 500 delegates and international speakers for the programme scheduled to be held concurrent to the 1st day of the show.


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